Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing
Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing
Fuki Horiuchi
In 1990, gerontological nursing education was first promoted separately from adult nursing education, because of the increase in the Japanese elderly population. Following that, the Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing was established in 1995. Since the 1970s the population in Japan has been rapidly aging. In response, a wide variety of activities and research have been conducted in nursing care settings. However, the gerontological nursing curriculum was not introduced until about 20 years later. Our organization was formed 5 years after that. From 1970 to 1995, researchers had to present or publish in their related fields. Once the Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing began, researchers responded with publications and presentations on "the provision of high-quality care for the elderly."
Now, there is a need for elderly care education within interdisciplinary research, in nursing and many other fields such as medicine, psychology, sociology, and architecture. In other words, problems of the elderly have become an essential focus in all areas of research. To provide the elderly with high-quality care, a team approach, with collaboration among with related fields is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to work with other professionals to conduct research. Continuing with this philosophy, the Japan Gerontological Society began every two years joint academic conferences starting in 2010. This joint effort has been significant within elderly care. Considering that gerontological nursing is a multidisciplinary field, it is essential for us to discuss problems in collaboration with other related fields.
Even with a total membership of more than 1,500, we are still evolving as an academic society in gerontological nursing. If it is important for us to apply research findings to education and clinical practice, as well as utilize them to improve the quality of care. The society is committed to further advancing gerontological nursing in collaboration with GCNS* and CN** specialists.
I am determined to serve as the chairperson with the above-mentioned in mind during my three-year term.
*GCNS: certified specialist in gerontological nursing
**CN: certified nurse in dementia

December 2014

Outline of JAGN
Founded: November 23, 1995
The number of Members: 1604 (as of Dec 15, 2014)
Annual membership fee: Yen 10000
Fiscal year: April 1 to March 31 of the next year