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Japan Socio-Gerontological Society

What's the J.S.G.S?
 The Japan Socio-Gerontological Society is a scientific organization established in 1959.
 Together with the Japan Geriatrics Society, it forms apart of the Japan Gerontological Society along with two other such entities, all of which belong to the International Association of Gerontology.
 Since its foundation, the Japan Socio-Gerontological Society has made public its research results, mainly from an interdisciplinary sociological and behavioral science standpoint regarding various issues relating to age and the aged, including health, medical care, nursing and welfare. Moreover, it has provided a forum for mutual study. The Society presently has about 1,500 members, mainly consisting of researchers from universities and research institutes, and professionals in the fields of health, medical care,nursing and welfare, along with graduate students.
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