What is our Japanese Psychogeriatric Society?

Currently, the world is looking to geriatric psychiatry for knowledge with much more hope. It is most urgent that persons involved in geriatric psychiatry should be fully prepared for meeting these demands.
Dementia is a most urgent and major area of geriatric psychiatry. Other matters covered by geriatric psychiatry are mental disorders accompanied by physical disease, melancholy, neurosis and delusion, etc. identified in senescent persons. These types of mental disorders developed in senescent persons are often entangled with social psychological factors, physical causes, and the like. In order to understand and treat these conditions, it is necessary to take a geriatric psychiatry view, not just an extended general psychiatry view, of them.
Thus, based on these situations, the Japan Geriatric Psychiatric Study Society was founded in 1986 so that persons interested in this field could get together to make a presentation of the results of daily study and exchange information with each other. This Society reorganized itself into the Japanese Psychogeriatric Society in 1988.
Year of foundation: 1986
Purpose: Seek to advance and develop scientific study on the field of geriatric psychiatry in Japan.
Number of members: 2,772(as of Dec.1, 2017)
Composition of members: Medical doctors (of psychiatry, neurology, internal medicine, neurosurgery and rehabilitation), nurses, specialists and academicians of psychology or welfare, etc.
Board members: 20 directors, 2 supervisors and 176 councilors
President: Manabu Ikeda, Department of Psychiatry, Osaka University Medical School
Vice President: Masaru Mimura(Department of Neuropsychiatry, Keio University School of Medicine)
Masahiro Shigeta(Department of Psychiatry, The Jikei University School of Medicine)
Secretariat: 4-1-1 Kagurazaka, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0825
TEL: 03-5206-7434 FAX: 03-5206-7757
E-mail: rouseijim@nqfm.ftbb.net
1) Hold academic meetings
2) Hold a general conference
3) Publish a journal
4) Other business required to attain the purpose of the Society Bulletin:
PSYCHOGERIATRICS (first published in March of 2001, published six times a year)
Japanese Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry(monthly quasi-journal of the Society)