Message from the President

It is a great honor to be serving as the new President of the Japanese Society for Dementia Care (JSDC). I was appointed to this post at the June 3, 2016 general meeting of JSDC effectively following our previous President, Dr. Akira Homma. Presiding over a total membership of some 27,000 persons, I have become even more aware of the heavy social responsibilities of the Society and its many activities.
The primary goals of JSDC consist of striving through promotion of interdisciplinary research into the care of senior citizens with dementia, care technique education, public awareness activities and other initiatives. Our ultimate aims is to realize high-caliber care, raise the quality of life for people with dementia, their families and caregivers and otherwise contribute to the cultivation of a more affluent aging society.
To effectively achieve these objectives, I intend to carry on the rich legacy of the JDSC activity platform, built up to date with the focus on former President Homma, while setting our sights on a course of reform targeting redoubled progress and development.
Toward this end, the following six divisions are established, placing the primary emphasis on the Society’s activities: “JSDC Projects,” “Magazine Editorial and Text Development,” “Dementia Carer Operations,” “Regional Section Meeting and Dementia Carer Group Support,” “Community Activities” and “International Initiatives.” The activities of committees attached to each of these divisions will be thoroughly discussed at general affairs conferences comprised of myself as President, our Vice Presidents and the respective divisional heads. Action plans approved by the Board of Directors and the general meeting of JSDC delegates will then be advanced.
More specifically, deliberations will address the proper approaches to initiatives seeking improved quality in dementia care and the Society’s contributions to the community. Steps will also be taken to clarify the role of JSDC in the quest to realize the goals of the New Orange Plan currently positioned as a national strategy.
Channeled through the programs of the International Federation of Dementia Care (IFDC), meanwhile, efforts will be advanced to enhance the caliber of dementia care in all nations of Asia as well. Vigorous initiatives will likewise be taken to identify the most favorable means of providing support upon large-scale disasters, assistance for regional dementia care programs, family associations and other endeavors.
Through these and other visions, our ambition is to promote every possible undertaking involved in the move to improve the quality of dementia care in Japan. With that spirit in mind, I look forward to your continued understanding and support of our mission.
Yukimichi Imai, MD
Japanese Society for Dementia Care

Establishment, Number of members

Establishment Since December, 2000
The number of Members 27037 (as of Mar 1, 2016)


Individual member:t Annual membership fee: 5,000 JPY
A facility or organization member Annual membership fee: 30,000 JPY
Three persons can be registered per one facility or organization. Registered persons can be changed as required.
A supporting member:t Annual membership fee: 100,000 JPY
Organizations or individuals supporting our activities.
Fiscal yeart April 1 to March 31 of the next year

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